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Innovative companies are looking for opportunities to inspire talented employees and motivate them in the long term. The answer? Smart benefits and additional advantages. There are many options to keep your employees engaged. To manage everything, there is our new platform.
For you. For your employees. And for many benefits.

One portal. One for all.

Whoever runs a company must keep a close eye on many things. Managing the organisation of employee benefits is what we are glad to do for you. Because we’re very good at it. HABEKO has created a digital portal where employees can get access on solutions, comprehensive information and check all services. And there are also a lot of advantages for you.

Everything up to date.

Filing folders full of contracts that often have to be renewed due to changes in the law? No,we’re good. Thanks. In our portal, all benefit solutions are always available in the latest version.

Personal like you.

Your company is a brand that should also be home to your employees. All elements in the portal can be personalized so that the brand identity is clearly recognizable.

Always available.

With our digital portal, you and your employees have access to all data from anywhere in the world: from your smartphone, tablet or desktop, you’re always connected.

Benefits for your employees – advantages for you.

Who cares about his employees receives better results from them themselves. Discover how our portal-based solution can take the strain off you and inspire your employees.

Many advantages for many employees.

Whether your team consists of 5 or 1000 people: As an entrepreneur, you want everyone to feel that you are indispensable. Can you do that? You can. And how.

Keep an eye on everything.

All important information, all benefits from lifestyle to health to insurance, all current contracts – everything is in one place. Everything is alright.

Simply be informed.

E-books. Expert knowledge. Studies. Support. In the portal, the entire knowledge about Pensions & Benefits is presented in such a compact way that everything can be found quickly.

Give real appreciation.

Giving a pat on the back or “Employee of the Month” certificates were yesterday. As a company you express your appreciation with benefits in a contemporary, high-quality and individual way.

Processes? We automate.

Contracts, applications, amendments. In short: paperwork that the HR department has to take care of. What would it be like if everything was run automatically – leaving more time for people?

Communication? We improve.

Knowledge can be lost. To prevent this from happening, we bundle all communication in one place in the portal. For now, later or at the weekend to have a quick look.

Nerves? We spare.

One portal for all also means: everything from a single source. So, no confusing folders. No searching. No swearing. Simply peace, order and structure. Wonderful.

Time is money. And money counts.

Protect two of your most valuable resources with the digital benefit portal. We’ll make it easy for you. We promise.

Time is money. And money counts.

Protect two of your most valuable resources with the digital benefit portal. We’ll make it easy for you. We promise.

Abläufe? Automatisieren wir.

Verträge, Anträge, Änderungen. Kurz: Papierkram, um den sich die HR-Abteilung kümmern muss. Wie wäre es, wenn alles automatisch läuft – und so mehr Zeit für die Menschen bleibt?

Kommunikation? Verbessern wir.

Wissen kann verloren gehen. Damit das nicht passiert, bündeln wir im Portal die gesamte Kommunikation an einem Ort. Für jetzt, später oder am Wochenende zum schnellen Reinschauen.

Nerven? Schonen wir.

Ein Portal für alles heißt auch: alles aus einer Hand. Also keine unübersichtlichen Ordner. Kein Suchen. Kein Fluchen. Einfach Ruhe, Ordnung und Struktur. Wunderbar.

Hello, reliable partner.

To know more is to believe less. Everything you find in the portal has been developed and checked by experts. Lean back – everything will be managed for you.

Organization becomes easy.

We take it on from here, okay? From product specifications and research to contracts, everything in your portal is simple and clear.

Support becomes personal.

Do you or your employees have any questions? Great. Our experts are at your personal disposal with answers. So everyone is always well informed.

Statistics are getting more accurate.

One employee needs this, another that. It’s good to know who’s asking for what. In our portal you can see which benefits are popular and how your employees use the portal.

Your portal. Always on the spot.

Hello, automated procedures. Hello, early closing time.

No more stacks of paper. Digital & flexible.
No more stacks of paper. Digital & flexible.

Questions, Wishes, Ideas? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Write us a message. And we will get back to you as soon as possible.